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Department of Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry


Fr. George Kachappilly

(Councillor for Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry)

Fr. Ajomon Parasseril


Fr. Peter Adukuzhiyil

(Co-optive Member)

The CMI Congregation after the example and charism of its Founding Fathers makes the pastoral care of the faithful and the evangelization of people and culture as the centre and purpose of all its activities. The pastoral activities of its members are centred on the liturgy which is the expression of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus who was obedient unto death of the cross, resurrected and ascended to share His life with the world and made human beings free from sins and into the likeness of Christ so that they live unto Him. However, the liturgy is not the whole of the pastoral ministry but we make every activity of the St John’s CMI Province, Bijnor linked to it. When our other activities are closely linked to the liturgy and other sacraments, whatever we do becomes a pastoral activity. We become Christ’s leaven and salt of the earth (cf., Sacram Litugiam, 6-8). With this vision and purpose, St John’s CMI Province has undertaken pastoral care of the community of the faithful in different continents as per the need of the universal as well as local Churches in India, Nepal, Africa, Europe, USA and Latin America.

St John’s CMI Province Bijnor, “to procure the glory of God and the salvation of all, the Church, mindful of the Lord’s command, “Go and preach to the whole creation” (Mt 28:18), takes zealous care to foster the missions”. Hence, we feel share the same conviction of St Paul who felt: “Woe to me if I do not preach” (1 Cor 9: 16). The Province is part of the Church who “sends out missionaries to establish infant Churches and they can themselves continue the work of evangelization” (Lumen Gentium 16-17).All our individual gifts, charism and ability together with the community resources are for the work of the Gospel and building up of the Church (Ad GentesDivinitus, 28). Our vision for the parishes we serve is that “that a new Christian community might grow into a local Church which will, in due course, be ruled by its own pastor and have its own clergy (Ad GentesDivinitus, 32). True to the purpose and vision of the Vatican Second, the St John’s Province Bijnor of the CMI Congregation has handed over in some places the Church to the ‘local Churches and now cooperate with the local Churches by undertaking special work in it (Ad GentesDivinitus, 31). In the spirit of the Ad G 38, the congregation send priests to mission regions where there are lacks of priests in India, Nepal, Africa, Europe, USA and Latin America. Hence we have gone to these continents are countries. Our life and activities are sharing of Christ’s mission entrusted to the Church and continued through the working of the Holy Spirit who “arouses a missionary spirit in the Church in many ways” (Ad GentesDivinitus29). It is part of our Christ experience and the Church experience that we find in our Founding Fathers. Together with the caring for the faithful after the model of the Good Shepherd Jesus Christ, the Church in its very nature is an evangelizing Church and she cares for the community of the faithful. Evangelization in the socio-culturally pluralistic and economically poor and exploited Indian context has a wider meaning. It means to build a just society by inculcating the Gospel values in the society through our social and educational apostolates. Through these apostolates, we also engage in the empowering of the people, especially the poor and the exploited. Hence, St John’s CMI Province, Bijnor looks at the Pastoral Work and Evangelisation in a holistically with the purpose of building up the Church and the preaching of the Gospel that becomes the means of Christ experience and the Church experience for its members.

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