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Department of Social Work


Fr. Cyriac Kizhakayil

(Councillor for Social Apostolate & Healthcare)

Fr. Joseph Peedikathadathil


Fr. Pauly Puthussery

(Co-opted Member)

The enlightened by the humanitarian values and social ethics of Blessed Cyriac Elias Chavara, Chavra Seva Samaj (An NGO of the Social department) was established in 2000 by CMI Congregation at Najibabad. As a voluntary , non-profit, charitable organization Chavara Seva Samaj is dedicated to the upliftment of the under-privileged through innovative means and creative innovations. Our services are extended to Uttarapradesh and Uttarakhand states. The society is instrumental in promoting literacy for poor children.

The organization is committed to improving the living conditions of those members of society, who are especially disadvantaged and vulnerable. By doing so, the NGO aims on contributing to social justice. Creating a social environment in which holistic growth of the marginalized take place through social awareness.

Our vision

Our vision is to achieve a society of justice, equality, and dignity of human person without the distinction of caste, religion and gender by our commitment to the poor and the marginalized

Our mission
  1. Promoting cy through non. formal, primary and adult education
  2. Home for the homeless
  3. Scholarship for professional and academic studies
  4. Cancer, TB and leprosy care
  5. Creating health awareness
  6. Empowerment of adolescent girls and women through SHGs
  7. Vocational training and skilled development
  8. Income generating schemes
  9. Youth and children’s group
  10. Medical assistance
  11. Marriage help
  12. Jail ministry
  13. Environmental protection
  14. Food for hunger
  15. Disaster management
  16. Supporting migrants
  17. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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